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Private Makeup Lessons


We offer one-on-one lessons tailored to your needs and skills. Using a combination of your own products and mine (I have a combination of products which includes M.A.C Cosmetics, NARS, Anastasia…., We’ll show you the skills and techniques you’ll need to recreate the same looks every day! Step-by-step, we can work together to customise a look that works specifically for you.

The private lessons are very hands on. To show you the techniques, we will apply makeup to one side of your face before you do the same to the other side. That way, I can correct your application as you work. You get to practice the techniques with me right by your side! Plus, we’ll be using your products, so you don’t have to worry about buying all new products.

Depending on your skill, our makeup artist can show you a range of techniques from the simplest to the most complicated. At the end of the lesson, we will provide a list of products used and recommended in case you’d like to buy them in the future.


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Our makeup lesson is for ladies of all ages!

What happens on the day:

On arrival at Blush you will be greeted with a glass of prosecco, for your makeup lesson you will meet your dedicated professional make-up artist. They will consult you on what you want to achieve, and tailor the session to your needs to help you get the best results.

Firstly, they will start with a useful skin simple assessment to ensure you know what is right for your skin, as well as a facial cleanse, tone, and moisturise.
Then you’ll move on to identify your perfect foundation or tinted moisturiser, creating a bespoke blend unique to you. You’ll cover all aspects of your chosen day look which may include brows, contour, bronzer, eyes, lips and cheeks.

And finally you’ll learn the simple steps needed to take it to a look for the evening. It is an exciting experience to gain an insight into new tricks and techniques and boost your everyday make-up routine.