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Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup, it’s October — can you feel it? That chill in the air, the delightful crispness that means basically the world’s best holiday is on its way. That’s right: Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the time to book your Halloween Makeover and Photoshoot again this year ! We have got 10 killer Halloween makeover ideas for you to get ready for your scary party. Come and try it, it’s really unique look. 
Vampire  – While vampire have been an integral part of Halloween Makeup since we were little. Ditch the traditional black lipstick and opt for plumped red lips, face full of veins and finish off with the red contact lenses.

Pretty Witches – Witches these days don’t have green skin and pointy hats, This eerie monochrome Wiccan look is a excellent alternative to the usual witchy make up, and the painstakingly crafted brows and intricate forehead designs make this truly unique.
Game of Thrones Halloween Makeup – Daenerys for your Halloween Makeup look!

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